Most analytics platforms look the same.
They’re not.

Any platform can give you a dashboard.

But to unlock unlimited value from your data, you need more than a visualization tool.

You need a platform that can easily operationalize decisions and insights, and help you deliver more intelligent, personalized experiences—while supporting thousands of different use cases for all your employees, partners, and customers beyond the firewall.

The ability to scale is what sets a platform apart from the crowd. Data, as the life-blood of your organization, must reach everyone for maximum uplift in knowledge, efficiency, and revenue.

The Heart of Your Digital Transformation

Choose the right platform to break away from the competition.

Organizations undergoing a digital transformation must first figure out how to:

Manage vast amounts of data from a variety of sources

Embed data analytics into every business process

Empower every person with better decision making

Break away companies drive business performance by using data analytics to connect people, devices, processes and services in new ways.

5 Essential Ways to Scale

The possibilities are endless when you combine ease of use with scalability.
Here's a simple checklist to make sure you're ready to scale.

More data

With the rate at which data is being created, manual data pulls, fixes, and uploads are no longer sustainable if growth is on your roadmap. You need to automate the integration, cleansing, and mastering of all your batch and real-time data to create the foundation for actionable analytics at scale.

More users

The democratization of analytics is the new reality, but most tools can’t support it. To meet the needs of the increasing number of business users and operational employees, partners, and customers who want access to more insights, make sure your platform is flexible and powerful enough to empower every user – from tens to millions – to work and live smarter.

More use cases

Everyone uses data in different ways to uncover different insights and optimize different functions, so it's important that your analytics can be delivered in a myriad of formats, be embedded in any environment, and promote seamless collaboration to unlock everyone's potential.

More skill levels

The reality is everyone isn't a trained data scientist or business analyst – with more users come varying skill levels. Be prepared to address this with a platform that can remove the barrier-to-insights and make your analytics accessible to every type of user at your organization.

More speed

The speed at which you extract insights is a critical success factor in iterating faster than your competitors and achieving greater wins. With the right technology, you can accelerate the time it takes to put valuable insights in the hands of everyone and transform the business.

Information Builders

The Only End-to-End Data & Analytics Platform Built for Scale

Gather All Your Data in One Place

To get a complete view of your business, you need to access, move, and blend your data regardless of format, location, volume, or latency.

With our ability to integrate 200+ data source types — on a schedule or in real time — our platform makes it easy to bring together all of the relevant data in your data-driven business.

Make Your Data Trusted and Business-Ready

Imagine what you could do if you knew your data is always accurate, consistent, and complete in a governed environment.

With integrity built into your data's foundation, everyone will actually trust your single source of truth and grow the organization faster based on the same data.

Everyone’s a Decision Maker

You can’t be an insights-driven organization that's continually learning if data analytics is limited to executive dashboards and a room of select gatekeepers.

Deliver intelligence at scale to support every user and use case inside and outside the enterprise for the highest adoption and highest ROI.

The world’s leading innovators
trust Information Builders to
deliver more value with their data

The world’s leading innovators trust Information Builders to deliver more value with their data

First Rate Investments

"The scalability inherent in Information Builders' products is critical to our growth and escalating volumes of data."

St. Luke's

"Data is now truly actionable. Thanks to Information Builders platform, actionable information is ingrained into operational processes; it’s becoming part of the culture."

Willis Towers Watson

"Information Builders platform had the security and scalability we needed and is user-friendly and quick to deploy"

A platform designed for the future

Embedded Analytics

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics



AI & Machine Learning

IoT & Location Analytics

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